Our core team is comprised of top level 3D animators, artist, and programmers.

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Coleman Smith

Head Honcho/Senior 3D Animator
Coleman Smith has 18 years of professional experience in modeling and animating 3D environments and characters for various industries, ranging from the video game and healthcare trades to broadcast TV. He has a deep understanding of modeling, character rigging, physics of motion, and particle systems.

Bob Lindenmayer

Model Maker/Graphic Designer
Bob Lindenmayer has over 20 years of design experience, ranging from film, print, and video games. Bob has been fortunate enough to do work for companies like Nintendo, Hasbro Toys and Lucasfilm, as well as launching several successful start ups and some less successful ones too. Bob has developed a wide range of skills in his career covering most aspects of the artistic process needed for creating unique visions, storytelling, and selling cool stuff.

Sriharsha Vemana

Workhorse/Application Developer
Sriharsha Vemana helps with various tasks at Starfire Animation. He lends a hand with coding related issues, graphics, website design, and render farm maintenance.